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Begin Again with Ibogaine   A Natural Alternative to Addiction Treatment What if we told you there was an alternative and natural way to free yourself from your addiction? What if we told you that this treatment could provide you with a clear reflection on the sources of your addiction, and allow you to find […]

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Is Challenging   Having a loved-one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia can be quite the challenge, whether you’re a family member or a caregiver. Progressive brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s can make it difficult to think clearly, remember things, communicate and to take care of yourself. It can also cause mood swings and […]

Thinking About Refinancing Your Home? 6 Reasons Why You Should What would you do with an extra $4,000 a year? That’s a vacation in Hawaii, new hardwood floors, or even a down-payment on that Prius you’ve been eyeing. Best of all, you won’t have to put in more hours at the office to make it happen; […]

Should You Refinance? 5 Reasons to Say Yes. The refinancing debate is a hot topic in the current economic landscape. Which side is right? The bottom line is this: refinancing can save you a boatload of money. Think about it like this: Greg has a 30-year loan with a 6% interest rate — not the […]

  Afraid to re-fi? It isn’t sci-fi. It’s both easy and good for your bottom line. The time is ripe to refinance your home. Perhaps the days of record low interest rates are gone, but the current rates are still attractive, which means you should act on them as soon as possible while the getting […]

Why Content Marketing is your Best Long-term Marketing strategy Most traditional marketing strategies are based on short-term gains.  You might send out a direct mail piece that converts a small number of recipients, but most of those pieces are thrown in the trash.  You’ve spent potentially thousands of dollars on a campaign, but within a […]

At 123 Floors, we’ve watched the last few years as “WPC flooring”, or Wood Plastic Composite, has gotten more popular. It’s an amazing product, and we love to work with it.  A lot of our customers find their new WPC Floor far superior to traditional hard woods as well as laminate flooring. There’s really no comparison […]

Fish King Salmon like a Pro King salmon are some of the most popular gamefish in the world, and each summer thousands of anglers from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Alaska’s cold, fertile waters, where these fish congregate. Also known as chinook salmon, these beautiful silver fish reach up to about 3 […]

So you have just brought your new graphics kit and it is amazing! You are just assuming things in the head on how cool it will look on your bike and how impressive you will start looking to others. Many people, especially the bikers, prefers to have graphics on their bikes because they just cannot […]

Ibogaine- What Is It? Tabernanthe Iboga is a West African shrub that has been used for centuries in ceremonial rites of passage as well as for medicine. The bark of the root contains an active alkaloid called ibogaine. The benefits that this natural ingredient offers were unknown until the late 1960s. During the 1960s researchers […]