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Great Content IS SEO

The Most Important SEO you can do is create Targeted, Relevant, Trustable Content that your clients will read, share, and love.  Guess what - the Search Engines love it Too.


Great Content Is SEO

Blog marketing is often the most overlooked and undervalued area of internet marketing. Small business owners neglect it because it does not produce fast results and requires a lot of time. How can a single article make you sales? How can it build you an audience? How can it bring awareness to your brand? A single article cannot do those things, but dozens and even hundreds have built some of the top sites in your industry.

Why You Need Regular Content

Think of articles like informative pages that people will randomly find and read. They aren’t meant to sell anything, they simply get people to visit your site and become more familiar with your brand. Think of a lodge in Alaska, they can post the same beautiful pictures as anyone and get a few likes. However, if they are maintaining a blog it will directly lead to an increase in sales and traffic. Here’s how:

Keep Readers Interested & Educated:

Sticking with the example of a lodge in Alaska, you can post tips on places to visit throughout the state, traveling experiences and more. Write something about the wildlife, best times to fish or hunt, fun activities you can enjoy and best times of the year to visit. People find this content and spend several minutes on your site reading it, even if it’s years old because it still ranks and draws traffic.

Social Media Content:

People have short attention spans? Then why are blogs the most shared and commented piece of content on social media? They are so effective that companies even post a tantalizing picture on their Instagram and tell viewers to follow the link in the bio section if they want to read the article.

Google Loves Blogs:

Ranking is never going to be pointless. Any business would benefit from better SEO results and no matter what any “expert” tells you, Google loves content. They have even gone back to the ways of utilizing longer keywords because they know their users are getting more specific with their search terms.

So you’re finally sold on the fact that you need to create and maintain a blog. That’s great but it actually needs to be done by someone else. Small businesses rely on companies like Copy That Converts to maintain their content for several reasons including:

Too Busy:

If you are a small business owner and you are not absolutely swamped, you are doing something wrong. Entrepreneurs wear many hats and internet marketing added several to the mix. That’s why you need to be able to outsource the workload and know it is getting done right.

Customer’s Perspective:

Sometimes we need a set of eyes that aren’t attached to the project to see what is missing. Going back to the example about the lodge, if they tried to write their own stuff they would probably focus on what makes them great. As a reader, I do not want to know why you’re the best. I want to know why I should visit Alaska? What can I do there, how much would it cost, what’s the best times to go and so forth?

Blog marketing is the best and most cost-effective way to engage your audience, create new followers, improve your SEO and keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time. Weekly postings will help your site see a bump in rankings and traffic and interaction increase while keeping costs low. If you are ready to give it a try then give us a call. We give you your first month of articles for only $1. We actually deliver quality, professional copy. The ROI a thousand times greater than the blog article you convinced your daughter to write a few times. Give us a call and we’ll have your first article to you in a few days.


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