So you have just brought your new graphics kit and it is amazing! You are just assuming things in the head on how cool it will look on your bike and how impressive you will start looking to others. Many people, especially the bikers, prefers to have graphics on their bikes because they just cannot stand the fact they are being generalized amongst the crowd. While some others buy them to hide scratches and dents of their bikes. No matter what the reason is, there is always a need for installation. Here is a comprehensive and brief guide on tips you need to follow while you install these stickers on your bike:

Before you start

Inspect the plastics of MX graphics by Mxprodecals and if they look scratched or scuffed, or having a major defect, it is worth a replacement. Before applying motocross graphic kit to your dirt bike, plastic must be in an excellent condition.

For installation you will need:

– Adhesive paper tape;

– Paper knife / scissors;

– Hair dryer or heat gun;

– Degreasing agent or alcohol-water mixture;

– Squeegee (optional);

Firstly, wash your hands. It is quite important to have cleaner hands while preparing the surface and working with graphics. Any sort of dirty or oily hands reduces the ability of the graphics to adhere.

Preparing surface

If your bike has any older graphics then remove it. Use hair dryers or heat gun to warm the older graphics and then clean the surface through a degreasing agent. Do not leave any glue residues from the older graphics, oils or dirt. Your dirt bike plastics should be warm before applying graphics.

Applying graphics

Place the decal over the plastics and then using the adhesive tape, tape down the decal on the plastic. This will hold it in the place and you can use tape as much as you need.

Peel off the backing paper from the background to till the middle. Cut it off and recheck the alignment on the part that needs to be covered. Using fingers, place one side of the graphics over it. Working in small sections, use your thumb or squeegee to apply pressure on to the graphics. Be careful to not to get any bubbles and wrinkles. You need to work from the centre out. In case, you get any bubbles, peel out the section carefully and try again. You can also use a safety pin to pop any small bubbles. Bring the bubbles to the edges and keep repeating this step.

In case, you have sharp curves in your plastic, use a heat gun to warm up the sticker and make it pliable. Do not overheat it. If needed – cut off excessive sections or sections of the graphics that are covering bolts, access holes, or vent slits – we suggest using a paper knife.

Installation tips

Be patient and take time

Keep the dirt bike or plastic in a place that has a temperature of 15 degrees Celcius or more.

Wait at least 24 hours before riding to make sure proper bonding is achieved.

Every graphic kit available at our store comes along with the different design. You just need to choose the right one, you think perfect to express your taste in a better way.