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Be a Mentor and Trusted Advisor

The New Way of Selling is to become the Trusted Advisor of your Client. It's the way to Build Trust, Solidify the Relationship, and Show you're the Authority.

Become A Trusted Advisor: Your Copy is the Key

We live in an Information Age which has created a high-tech global economy that thrives on efficiency and convenience. In a commercialized society, people seek out the Internet to make their buying decisions easier. That’s why your website is more important now than it ever has been. Use it to become a mentor, teacher and trusted advisor to your clients with content marketing that positions you as a thought-leader and industry expert. Your website has so much power, do more to properly leverage it on your small business’ behalf.

The Power of Your Website Content

The biggest mistake you could make is to underestimate the importance of your website and content marketing efforts in growing your business. Your website is the most powerful communications tool in your arsenal. Unlike your sales team, customer service personnel or administrators, it works around the clock to give your customers access to your brand. Your website is one of the biggest reasons your customers want to talk to you. By the same stroke, your website can also be one of the reasons you continually miss out on opportunities to grow and expand your business.

Become a Learning Hub for Your Industry

They say there is nothing new under the sun. That’s why your past efforts at producing web content have yielded lackluster results. If you want content that really sets your business apart from competition, become a learning hub for your industry. Regularly refreshed articles give you an opportunity to build your brand while becoming a go-to-source for information about your industry, products and services. Your customers will be persuaded to do business with you because they can trust you. As a learning hub your website is optimized with content that caters to their wants and needs. Think of it this way… Your website is an opportunity to provide value. Good content creates opportunities at every stage of the buying cycle.

Turn Web Traffic Into Sales

Often small business owners are surprised to learn that a spike in web traffic does not automatically mean a spike in sales. As copywriters who have worked with a broad range of companies, we’ve found that small businesses struggle to create content that is truly compelling. The problem usually isn’t their product or service as they seem capable of communicating their value locally. However, to compete online, you need something extra. Your prospects have to be convinced that they can’t pass up on what you’re offering. CopyThatConverts.com can make magic happen. We create content that powerfully and persuasively pitches your products and services to customers.

Let Us Help

Tap into the power of your website to become a trusted advisor to your clients. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion about your business needs. We will channel our creative energies and technical expertise to transform your website’s copy. We are confident that quality content will transform your business and position you as a trusted advisor, mentor and teacher to your customers.