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We build our Content so it's Automatically Optimized for perfect SEO.  We start with great keyword research, and put in all the right technical stuff to Kill It in the Search Engines

Top of page listings, Automatically...! Google wants lots of Consistent, High-quality content to Rank sites at the Top of the page. That's exactly what we'll Create for You.


Are you happy with your marketing efforts? Are you building trust with your audience? There are so many promises of shortcuts and quick fixes when it comes to internet marketing but the only truly effective method is long term SEO efforts through content.

What Is Automatic SEO?

At the end of the day Google doesn’t care how many links you have, they don’t care how many followers on Facebook you have, they don’t even care what you are spending in Adwords. What Google cares about is content. To be automatic means that you are posting blogs on a regular basis. The more relevant content you post, the higher you are pushed until you are recognized as a leader in your industry.

Manual Vs Automatic SEO

While manual SEO is an effective method it does have some drawbacks. For one, you are always focused on what’s going on outside of your website. It’s important to have external links that send traffic to your site, however, it can be time consuming and cost you more money. The best route is to dominate with content on your own site because it brings people to you through search engines, social media and more.

Content Is King

Years ago, you saw rankings based on your domain name. Then you saw them influenced by paid search. Then it was backlinks that become the primary focus. While all those things are still valuable to some extent, the only true and steady influencer for search engines is content. Here’s exactly what it can do for you:

Expand your reach: The more copy you create, the more topics you cover. This opens you up to a new stream of visitors as you are inviting people to your site for knowledge, not sales. This increases brand trust which leads to long term customers.

Share with everyone: Whether you are on social media or have a business that is more popular with blogs, having your own copy allows you to be shared with millions on the most effective platforms for your industry. Blogs are shared as much on social media as pictures and videos because they connect with users who seek information.

Improve rankings: Whether you realize it or not, rankings are still a major part of internet marketing. The best way to increase rankings is to cover as many keywords as possible with regular content and build a relationship with your audience through it.

Prove your knowledge: Whether you are a fly fisherman, backpacking adventure company, a retreat center or an international travel agency, you want to build and audiences trust as a leader in your industry. The only way to do that is with regular content that offers free and valuable information to the reader.

Copy That Converts can help you improve your automatic SEO efforts by focusing on improving the quality and frequency of your content. We take your knowledge and abilities in the industry and make them user friendly, not in a sales pitch way, but in an informative way that readers can connect with. This is a philosophy that has worked time and time again in marketing and it’s something we can help you achieve. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about the most cost-effective, long term marketing strategy that will establish you as a leader in your industry.


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