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We'll ask you all about your Business, your Service, and you Customer before we start our process.  Our professional Writers know exactly how to talk to the Emotions of your perfect Customer, and entice them to Buy.

3 Ways Content Marketing Will Transform Your Business Forever

Good content marketing is centered on your customer and speaks to his needs, wants and desires in a language that he can understand. The value of content is that it builds up your brand and caters to your prospect’s experiences which naturally triggers an emotional response that compels your prospect to do something about how they feel – likely leading them to make a purchase. At Content That Converts we understand how your prospects think and what your customers are looking for. Our content management strategies intelligently and insightfully leverage information and research about your brand and industry to help grow your business big time.

Here are 3 ways content marketing will transform your business forever…

Create Awareness of Your Brand

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. Wouldn’t that be nice? In fact, if your company is suffering from less than desirable leads or poor customer engagement, the root of your problem is poor brand awareness. In today’s marketing environment, prospects like to interact with the brands that they love. They follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; they participate in surveys, contests and weekly promotions and they spend time online blasting the brands that they feel fall short for one reason or another. It’s no wonder that building a robust brand may feel like an uphill battle for the busy entrepreneur. And yet, fresh, content writing services is a low cost way to consistently create awareness about your growing brand.

Turn Prospects Into Viable Leads

Every business has its fair share of tire-kickers. These are people that come in, poke around a bit but never actually commit to anything. Nowhere is this problem more glaring than when reviewing your sales conversion rates based on the traffic to your site. Do you want to know why so few “tire-kickers” are actually making purchases? It’s likely because your content is outdated, filled with confusing jargon or (in a broader sense); it’s just not in tune with what the customer truly desires. At Content That Converts we are skilled at creating truly relevant content which meets your business’ objectives while addressing your prospect’s wants and needs.

Retain Customers, Increase Loyalty

Content marketing is great for brand awareness and generating leads, but, it can also help your small business to support and retain loyal customers. Do you have a complex business model or perplexing product offerings? Use content to bring new customers up-to-date with who your business is and what products and services you offer. Instead of losing customers who are simply confused or ill-informed, make sure your website is updated every week with information, specials, coupons and advice to keep things running smoothly. You can also use content updates to release information about product improvements, new services and new features which curves a lot of time spent on the phone fielding repetitive inquiries.

Consult With Us Today

Content That Converts will consult with you today about how we can help create weekly content that helps increase your business’ revenue. We are truly passionate about creating copy that speaks directly to your customer in a way that helps you earn their trust. You no longer have to go at it alone. Call today for a consultation and we will get started increasing your revenue.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Cross-platform and responsive web development

We provide rigorous testing for all major device types as well as browsers and operating systems before we launch your new website and sign-off the project. Testing is performed both as a user and as an administrator to ensure your site is modern and responsive.

Secured testing environment for your web project

We use complex content gathering tools that allow visualizing content in terms of site architecture, to which we’ll make changes within your team before it goes live. Also, you have access to a secured staging or testing environment of your site which is hosted on our servers during the process of your creation.

Effective Web Development Solutions

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