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There are no cheap shortcuts if you want to build your brand, improve your marketing efforts and increase sales. In order to do those three things you either have to pay a lot more money or build a smart campaign. A lot of corporations like to take the first approach and they obviously can afford to do it. But what about you? How can a small business owner improve his or her marketing efforts, increase sales and not break the bank?

Everything Starts With Content

When people visit your website they see content. When they search for something on Google they will often find content. When they are scrolling through their social media feeds they are seeing content. Still not sure if you need to produce it?

Why Is Branding So Important

Think about the last time you went shopping for a new item, something you rarely get. It could be bug spray, sunscreen or anything like that. It’s not a normal purchase so you find yourself looking at the options on the shelf. This is where all that marketing money comes into play. There is a 99% probability that the first option you are going to pick up to inspect is going to be determined by either price or brand familiarity. That means if you are not the cheapest, or best known in your industry, you are less likely to make a sale.

Obviously, bug spray can utilize ads in magazines, television and online. But what about a plumber that cannot afford to advertise on local television? A company like this is at a disadvantage because of their budget but they do have one advantage over the competition and that’s producing regular content.

How Content Levels The Playing Field

If someone goes onto Google and searches for “plumbers near me” whoever is paying the highest for the ad space at the top is going to be seen first. It could be $10-$100 a click depending on where you live. Underneath the ads you will see several sites listed and those sites are there because of SEO which was influenced by high quality, relevant copy.

Someone else in your town goes onto Google and searches for instructions on “picking a water heater.” Your blog and your article about water heaters is ranked at the top because your competitors felt it would be a waste of time to maintain their own blog. The user visits your site, reads the article, sees your name and decides to call you and ask for a price for installing water heaters. That is textbook content marketing 101 and it still works today. Even if they do not call you, they spent several minutes on your site and now recognize your brand for the next time they need plumbing assistance.

Why You Need A Lot Of Copy

You cannot have this type of success with a few articles a year. You need at least one a week because there are so many topics to cover as well as the fact that regular copy builds trust and intrigue with your audience. It’s the most cost-effective, long-term way to turn visitors into sales.

Copy That Converts can help you create high quality, consistent content that will help you build your brand, gain an audience and generate sales. Contact us today to learn more about how content can help you beat out the competition.

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